Devin Harris is like the kid who just got his driver's license and the keys
to a new car. Only he's no rookie driver and the guy in the passenger seat is
no longer his dad giving harsh critiques, but a familiar sidekick.

Devin Harris像是一個剛拿到駕照跟新車鑰匙的小孩。唯一不同的是他不是一個新手駕駛

If the Mavericks' preseason opener showed anything, it's that coach Avery
Johnson is serious about letting Harris behind the wheel of the Mavericks'
machine. It also showed the shooting-guard spot is a wide-open competition.


Jerry Stackhouse was the starter in the Mavericks' 88-67 win over San Antonio
on Tuesday night at American Airlines Center. He's been the Mavericks' sixth
man for the last three seasons. But his history with Harris prompted Johnson
to start the pair in the backcourt, with Jason Terry coming off the bench.

Jerry Stackhouse是今晚對馬刺的先發。他過去三年在小牛都是當第六人的。但他跟

Starting or relieving makes no difference to Stackhouse. But like all
players, he has teammates with whom he meshes better.


"I don't have a preference [about starting], but I do like playing with
Devin," Stackhouse said. "The numbers don't lie. We work pretty well
together. That's not to say I don't like playing with Jet. I can facilitate
some things with him, but at the same time, when I'm with Devin, he helps
facilitate things for me, which is nice."



"Right now, Stack's getting the most minutes there," he said. "And once we
get Eddie Jones healthy, he'll get a look there."

"現在,Stack會在那得到最多上場時間,"他說。"一旦Eddie Jones健康,我們會在那

Harris, meanwhile, made the first small step toward entrenching himself as
the Mavericks' permanent point guard. At 24, he is entering his fourth season
and his first as the clear-cut starter at the point. He also has a new
contract and the utmost confidence from Johnson. He had eight points and two
assists in 16 minutes as the Mavericks piled up 24 points in the paint in the
first three quarters before deep reserves took over in the fourth.


season, at least until crunch time.


"Close score, fourth quarter, he's still going to bark," Harris said.


As for teaming with Stackhouse in the starting lineup instead of Terry?


"He's been my No. 2 guy the whole time I've been here, so I'm jelling with
him quite well," Harris said. "It's not that big of a change for us."


Johnson said he likes what he saw of Harris' flow for a preseason opener.


"He's better in this game at the start of the season than he was the last two
seasons combined," Johnson said.


Injury update: Dirk Nowitzki tweaked an ankle in the second half, but Johnson
said he was fine.


Moe Ager had a head-to-head collision with a Spur, but other than a little
soreness, he said he should not miss any practice or game time.


Words of wisdom: There is no better Maverick at putting things in perspective
than Stackhouse. When asked about the Spurs' trip to their title last season,
he believes the Mavericks' first-round loss was helpful to the Spurs.


"They had, as we would see it, an easy road," Stackhouse said. "Really, their
main threat was Phoenix, who imploded and messed up their chances. But hey,
take nothing away from them. You've still got to go win it, and they did


Briefly: San Antonio's Brent Barry saw a sign outside American Airlines Center promoting an upcoming dinosaur exhibit and couldn't resist the temptation of a good one-liner. "I thought they were talking about our team,"
said the 12-year veteran, referring to the fact that the Spurs have one of
the oldest squads in the league. ... The Spurs had their preseason meeting
with referees Tuesday. The refs go over situations that will be emphasized
this season. The Mavs' session is Friday in Chicago.

Briefly:Brent Barry看到美航外面的一個標示說要舉辦恐龍展,他忍不住去說了一句話

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