Doug Christie wants to return to the NBA. Whether or not he can still be
effective in this league, I don’t know. That we need more people like him in
this league is for absolutely certain.

Doug Christie 想要回到 NBA。

Christie says that while he has not been offered a contract yet, he is
receiving strong interest from two East Coast teams who he won’t name at
this point (for those scoring at home, The Rack is guessing Boston and
Miami). He has spent the last several months engaging in his own basketball
and conditioning-intensive workout program. Both of the suitors qualify for
contender status in Christie’s eyes, which works well given his number one
basketball priority.

Christie 說現在還沒有接到合約報價,但有兩個東區隊伍對他有強烈的興趣。

“I more than anything want to be on a championship contender and to be there
to contribute and win a championship,” Christie says. “I’m ready. I’m


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